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ऋभु  mfn. mfn. (√ रभ्), clever, skilful, inventive, prudent (said of इन्द्र, अग्नि, and the आदित्यs, [RV.]; also of property or wealth, [RV. iv, 37, 5; viii, 93, 34]; of an arrow, [AV. i, 2, 3])
ऋभु  m. m. an artist, one who works in iron, a smith, builder (of carriages &c.), N. of three semi-divine beings (ऋभु, वाज, and विभ्वन्, the name of the first being applied to all of them; thought by some to represent the three seasons of the year [[Ludwig]; [RV. vol.iii, p.187]], and celebrated for their skill as artists; they are supposed to dwell in the solar sphere, and are the artists who formed the horses of इन्द्र, the carriage of the अश्विन्s, and the miraculous cow of बृहस्पति; they made their parents young, and performed other wonderful works [Sv-apas]; they are supposed to take their ease and remain idle for twelve days [the twelve intercalary days of the winter solstice] every year in the house of the Sun [Agohya]; after which they recommence working; when the gods heard of their skill, they sent अग्नि to them with the one cup of their rival त्वष्टृ, the artificer of the gods, bidding the ऋभुs construct four cups from it; when they had successfully executed this task, the gods received the ऋभुs amongst themselves and allowed them to partake of their sacrifices &c.; cf. Kaegi, [RV.]; [p.53 f.]), [RV.]; [AV.] &c.
they appear generally as accompanying इन्द्र, especially at the evening sacrifice
in later mythology ऋभु is a son of ब्रह्मन्, [VP.]
a deity, [L.]
ऋभु  m. m. (अवस्) a class of deities
ऋभु   [cf.Gk.ἀλφεῖν; Lat.labor; Goth.arb-aiths; Angl.Sax.earfoð; Slav.rab-ŭ.]

ऋभु [ṛbhu] a.  a. Ved.
Skilful, clever, prudent (as an epithet of Indra, Agni, Ādityas, property and wealth) ऋभुमृभुक्षणो रयिम् [Rv.4.37.5.]
Handly (as a weapon).
Shining far.
भुः A deity, divinity; a god (dwelling in heaven).
The god who is worshipped by the gods; ऋभवो नाम तत्रान्ये देवानामपि देवताः [Mb.3.261.19.]
A class of the attendants of gods.
An artist, smith, especially a coach-builder (रथकार).
 N. N. of three semi-divine beings called Ṛibhu, Vibhvan and Vāja, sons of Sudhanvan, a descendant of Aṅgiras, who were so called from the name of the eldest son. [Through their performance of good works they obtained divinity, exercised superhuman powers, and became entitled to worship. They are supposed to dwell in the Solar sphere, and are the artists who formed the horses of Indra, the carriage of the Aśvins, and the miraculous cow of Bṛihaspati. They made their aged parents young, and constructed four cups at a sacrifice from the one cup of Tvaṣṭṛi, who as the proper artificer of the gods, was in this respect their rival. They appear generally as accompanying Indra at the evening sacrifices. M. W.].

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
ऋभु  m.  (-भुः)
1. A deity.
2. A divinity of a particular order.
E. the mother of the gods, भू to be, डु affix; also रिभु.
See also: - भू - डु - रिभु

ऋभु n.  यह मानव थे । परंतु तप, यज्ञ इ. करके इन्होंने देवत्व प्राप्त किया । परंतु देव इन्हें अपने में शामिल नहीं करते थे । अन्त में प्रजापति के कथनानुसार ऋभुओं को सूर्य के साथ सोमपान करने का मान मिला । फिर भी इनमें मनुष्यत्व का गंध आता है कह कर देव ऋभुओं का अत्यंत तिरकार करने लगे [ऐ. ब्रा.३.३०] । एक ब्रह्ममानस पुत्र । [भा ४.८] । इसका शिष्य निदाघ । ऋभु ने निदाघ को तत्त्वज्ञान का उपदेश किया हैं [विष्णु.२.१६];[ नारद.१.४९] । चाक्षुक्ष तथा वैवस्वत मन्वन्तर के देवों में ऋभु हैं । ऋभुगीता नामक सत्ताईस अध्यायों का एक वेदान्तविषयक ग्रंथ है (C.C.)|

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ṚBHU I   An ancient sage. He was the son of Brahmā. He was an extraordinary scholar who became the preceptor of Nidāgha who was the son of Pulastya and the grandson of Brahmā. Ṛbhu conveyed all knowledge to Nidāgha. But he saw that although he taught Nidāgha all branches of knowledge, the latter did not take any interest in “Advaita”. So he left him in disappointment but later got him interested in Advaita. [Viṣṇu Purāṇa, Aṁśa 2. Chapters 15-16].

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