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उप-क्रम  m. m. the act of going or coming near, approach, [MBh.]; [R.]
See also: उप - क्रम
setting about, undertaking, commencement, beginning, [Lāṭy.]; KātyŚr.; [BhP.]; [Sāh.]; [Sarvad.] &c.
enterprise, planning, original conception, plan, [Ragh.]; [Rājat.]; [Pañcat.] &c.
anything leading to a result
a means, expedient, stratagem, exploit, [MBh.]; [Yājñ.]; [Mālav.] &c.
remedy, medicine, [Suśr.]
attendance (on a patient), treatment, practice or application of medicine, physicking, [Suśr.] &c.
the rim of a wheel, [Hcat.]
a particular ceremony preparatory to reading the वेदs, [W.]
trying the fidelity &c. of a counsellor or friend, ib.
heroism, courage, [L.]
effort, endeavour, [Campak.]

उपक्रमः [upakramḥ]   1 Beginning, commencement; रामोपक्रम- माचख्यौ रक्षःपरिभवं नवम् [R.12.42] begun by Rāma; किमुपक्रमो रावणः [Mv.2.]
Approach, advance; साहस˚ forcible advance [Māl.7;] so योषितः सुकुमारोपक्रमाः ibid.
An undertaking, work, enterprize.
A plan, contrivance, means, expedient, stratagem, remedy; सामादि- भिरुपक्रमैः [Ms.7.17,159;] [M.3;] [R.18.15;] [Y.1.345;] [Śi.2.76.]
Attendance on a patient, treatment, practice of medicine, physicking.
A test of honesty, trying the fidelity of a friend &c.; see उपधा.
A kind of ceremony preparatory to reading the Vedas.
Heroism, Courage.
Behaviour, action; यद्यप्यकृतकृत्यानामीदृशः स्यादुपक्रमः [Rām.5.64.3.]
The rim of a wheel; [Hch.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
उपक्रम  m.  (-मः)
1. Deliberate commencement or undertaking; providing means, and anticipating consequences.
2. A beginning in general. 3. A particular ceremony preparatory to reading the Vedas.
4. A atratagem.
5. A means, an expedient.
6. Trying the fidelity, &c. of a counselor or friend.
7. Valor.
8. Practice of medicine, physick- ing.
9. Flight, retreat.
10. Approach.
E. उप over, &c. क्रम् to go, affix घञ्.

ना.  उघोग , कार्यक्रम , प्रकल्प , योजना ;
ना.  काम , व्यवसाय , स्वीकृतकार्य ;
ना.  सूतोवाच , हाती घेणे .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
; initial or inchoate stage; beginning.

आरंभ ; सुरवात ; हातीं घेणें . प्रकृतिपरिहार उपक्रमी ॥ - ज्ञा १० . २८ . उपक्रमाच्या उलट उपसंहार ( शेवट ). उपक्रमोपसंहारौ - गीर २१ .
प्रवेश ; शिरकाव ( एखाद्या विषयांत ); प्राथमिक अवस्था ; सूतोवाच .
ओघ ; संदर्भ . उपक्रमें वदे । तुका वर्मासीं तें भेदे ॥ - तुगा ३५१५ .
उद्योग करणें ; उपाय करणें ; चालविणें . [ सं . उप + क्रम = जाणें ]

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 m  Beginning. Entrance into form or being (of an action), initial stage.

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