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आह्निक  mfn. mfn. performed or occurring in the day-time, diurnal, [MBh.]
performed or done or occurring every day, daily, [R.] &c.
आह्निक  n. n. a religious ceremony to be performed every day at a fixed hour, [MBh.]; [R.]
a day's work
what may be read on one day
division or chapter of a book
constant occupation, daily work
daily food &c., [L.]
N. of several works.

आह्निक [āhnika] a.  a. (-की f.) [अह्नि भवः, अह्ना निर्वृत्तः साध्यः ठञ्]
Daily, diurnal, performed every day or on a day; संग्रामाद्वयपयातव्यमेतत्कर्म ममाह्निकम् [Mb.6.19.27.] आह्निकः स्वाध्यायः daily course of study; ˚आचारः daily observances.
Employed or occurring every day (as a teacher, servant, or fever).
कम् Any religious rite or duty which is to be performed every day at a fixed hour; अत्राह्निकं सुरश्रेष्ठो जपते [Mb.]
Anything to be performed daily, such as taking meals, bathing &c.; प्रभाते काल्यमुत्थाय कृत्वाह्निकमरिंदमः [Rām.7.82.5.] कृताह्निकः संवृत्तः [V.4;] समुद्रे कृताह्निकः [Mv.5.]
Daily food.
Daily work or occupation, what may be read on one day.
A division of a work (such as that of the Mahābhāṣya).
-चन्द्रिका, -दीपिका, -प्रदीप, -मञ्जरी   &c. N. of works.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
आह्निक  mfn.  (-कः-की-कं) Daily, diurnal, of or belonging to a day.
 n.  (-कं)
1. Constant occupation, daily work.
2. The division or section of a book.
3. Food.
E. अहन् a day, and ठक् aff.

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