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आश्रय   a &c. See आ-√ श्रि.
आ-श्रय  m. bm. that to which anything is annexed or with which anything is closely connected or on which anything depends or rests, [Pāṇ.]; [R.]; [Ragh.]; [Suśr.]
See also: - श्रय
a recipient, the person or thing in which any quality or article is inherent or retained or received
seat, resting-place, [R.]; [Kathās.]; [Suśr.] &c.
dwelling, asylum, place of refuge, shelter, [R.]; [Śiś.] &c.
depending on, having recourse to
help, assistance, protection, [Pañcat.]; [Ragh.] &c.
authority, sanction, warrant
a plea, excuse, [L.]
the being inclined or addicted to, following, practising
attaching to, choosing, taking
joining, union, attachment
dependance, contiguity, vicinity, [RPrāt.]; [Yājñ.]; [Mn. &c.]
appropriate act or one consistent with the character of the agent
(in Gr.) the subject, that to which the predicate is annexed
मनस्   (with Buddhists) the five organs of sense with or mind (the six together being the recipients of the आश्रित or objects which enter them by way of their आलम्बन or qualities)
source, origin
आ-श्रय  mfn. mfn.ifc. depending on, resting on, endowed or furnished with (e.g.अष्ट-गुणा-श्रय See under अष्ट).
See also: - श्रय

आश्रयः [āśrayḥ]   [आश्रि-अच्]
A resting-place, seat, substratum; सौहृदादपृथगाश्रयामिमाम् [U.1.45.] so आश्रयासिद्ध q. v. below.
That on which anything depends or rests or with which it is closely connected.
Recipient, receptacle, a person or thing in which any quality is present or retained &c.; तमाश्रयं दुष्प्रसहस्य तेजसः [R.3.58.]
(a) A place of refuge, asylum; shelter; भर्ता वै ह्याश्रयः स्त्रीणाम् Vet.; तदहमाश्रयोन्मूलनेनैव त्वामकामां करोमि [Mu.2.] (b) A dwelling, house.
Having recourse or resort to, resort; oft. in comp. साभूद्रामाश्रया भूयः [R.12.35;] नानाश्रया प्रकृतिः &c.
Following, practising; योऽवमन्येत ते मूले हेतुशास्त्राश्रयाद् द्विजः [Ms.2.11.]
Choosing, taking, attaching oneself to.
Dependence on; oft. in comp.; मम सर्वे विषयास्त्वदाश्रयाः [R.8.69.]
Patron, supporter; विनाश्रयं न तिष्ठन्ति पण्डिता वनिता लताः Udb.
A prop, support; वृक्षेषु विद्धमिषुभिर्जघनाश्रयेषु [R.9.6.]
Help, assistance, protection.
A quiver; बाणमाश्रयमुखात् समुद्धरन् [R.11.26.]
Authority, sanction, warrant.
Connection, relation, association. राघवाश्रयसत्कथाः [Rām. 6.9.93.]
Union, attachment.
A plea, an excuse.
Contiguity, vicinity.
Seeking shelter or protection with another (= संश्रय), one of the sixguṇas, q. v.
An appropriate act, or one consistent with character.
Source, origin.
(In gram.) The subject, or that to which the predicate is attached.
(With Buddhists) The five organs of sense with Manas or mind. -Comp.
-असिद्धः,   -द्धिःf. a kind of fallacy, one of the three sub-divisions of असिद्ध; (that whose substratum is false or fictitious);e. g. गगनारविन्दं सुरभि अरविन्दत्वात्सरोजारविन्दवत्,
-आशः, -भुज् a.  a. consuming everything with which it comes in contact.
(आशः, क) fire; दुर्वृत्तः क्रियते धूर्तैः श्रीमानात्म- विवृद्धये । किं नाम खलसंसर्गः कुरुते नाश्रयाशवत् ॥ Udb.
a.  a. forfeiter of asylum.
the constellation कृत्तिका.
-भूत a.  a. one who is the refuge or support (of another person).-लिङ्गम् an adjective (a word which must agree in gender with the word which it qualifies or refers to).

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
आश्रय  m.  (-यः)
1. Being inclined or addicted to following, practising.
2. A recipient, the person or thing in which any quality or article is inherent, retained or received.
3. An asylum, a place of refuge. 4. A patron, a protector.
5. Having recourse to a protector or asylum.
6. A dwelling.
7. Contiguity, vicinity.
8. Source, origin. 9. A plea, an excuse.
10. Appropriate act, one consistent with the character of the agent.
E. आङ् before श्रि to serve, अच् aff.

ना.  अवलंब , आसरा , छत्र , थारा ;
ना.  आधारस्थान , निवार्‍याची जागा , संरक्षण .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
An asylum; a refuge; a place of protection or security. 2 Shelter, protection, defence, cover, lit. fig. 3 Support or sustentation, lit. fig. sanction, authority, warrant, countenance; grounds, reasons, data: also that which supports, sustains, upholds, establishes. 4 Having recourse to; adopting, employing, using; observing, following, practising. 5 Proximity or vicinity.

आश्रयाचें स्थान ; आधारस्थान ; निवार्‍याची जागा .
संरक्षण ; छत्र ; आधार ; आसरा ; थारा ; आच्छादन ; तिला परमुलुखांत कोणाचा आश्रय नव्हता - पाव्ह ५ .
( ल . व अक्षरश : ) दुजोरा ; मंजुरी ; पसंति ; आधार ; प्रमाण ; कैवार ; आधारभूत ; प्रभाणभूत ; कैवारी .
आश्रय असणें ; अवलंबन करणें ; स्वीकारणें ; उपयोग करणें ; पाळणें ; वागणें ; अनुसरणें ; अभ्यासणें .
शेजार ; सान्निध्य . अग्नीच्या आश्रयास तूप ठेवूं नको , वितळेल . ( सामाशब्द ) जलाश्रय ; ग्रामाश्रय ; वृक्षाश्रय इ० [ सं . आ + श्रि = आसरा घेणें ]

आश्रयाविना, हिंमत खरी जाणा
ज्याच्या अंगी हिंमत म्हणजे खरे धैर्य अथवा ताकद आहे त्याला कोणाचेहि साहाय्य लागत नाही व खर्‍या धैर्याची परीक्षा जेव्हा कोणताहि आधार नसतो अशा वेळीच होते.

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 m  An asylum, a refuse. Support, shelter.

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