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stimulus selection model

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  • m  A learned Brahman, a doctor, a scholar. A person adroit or skilful at a thing gen. 
  • ना. कलाभिज्ञ , कोविद , प्रज्ञावंत , व्युत्पन्न , विद्यासंपन्न , विद्वान विबुध , शहणा , शास्त्रज्ञ , ज्ञाता , ज्ञानी . 
  • A learned Bráhman, a doctor, a scholar. 2 Used in letters and notes after the name of a great personage. 3 fig. A person adroit or skilful at a thing gen. 
  • paṇḍita . Add:--The use of this word in the sense of Maráṭhí-teacher is, notwithstanding its favor amongst all Bráhmans competent to read and write, quite modern and altogether to be discountenanced. The word is a word of dignity, and answers to Doctor, scholar, man of erudition or letters. It is not too late to rescue it from debasement, and from sharing the fate of the Hindustání word . 

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