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correction of continuity

सांतत्य सुधार (एखादे नमुनाफल मूलत असंतत (essentially discontinuous) असेल परंतु त्याचे संचयी वारंवारता संभाव्यता फल (distribution function) हे एका संतत फलाने समीपतेने (approximately) दाखविले असेल तर, संतत फलाच्या सारणीमध्ये या नमुनाफलांच्या प्रत्यक्ष (जशाच्या तशा) किंमती न घालता त्या थोड्याशा सुधारिक किंमती घातल्यास त्या किंमती सांतत्य सुधारित किंमती होतात.)
सातत्यासाठी सुधार

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  • 1) Genealogy.
    Descending in order from Viṣṇu--Brahmā -Vasiṣṭha--Śakti--Parāśara.
    2) Birth.
    Śakti, son of Vasiṣṭha begot of his wife Adṛṣyantī the son named Parāśara. Even at the time of his birth he was a scholar. (For details regarding birth see under Adṛśyanṭī).
    3) Rākṣasayāga.
    Even before the birth of Parāśara, Kalmāṣapāda in his demoniacal form ate his father, Śakti. Therefore Parāśara nurtured an obstinate hatred against the Rākṣasas. So he performed a Yāga to kill all the rākṣasas. Thousands of rākṣasas were burnt to death at this yāga and Vasiṣṭha, grandfather of Parāśara felt sorry for the innocent rākṣasas. He approached Parāśara and said “Son, do not give way to such anger. Abandon this wrath. What harm have these poor rākṣasas done? Death was in the destiny of your father. Every one has to suffer the result of his own deeds. Anger destroys the fame and austerity which one has attained by years of toil. Therefore abandon your anger and wind up your Yāga.” Parāśara accepted the abvice of his grandfather. Vasiṣṭha was pleased with his grandson and at that time Pulastyamaharṣi son of Brahmā also came there. Vasiṣṭha gave arghya (water and flowers) and received him. Then Vasiṣṭha and Pulastya jointly blessed him and said he would be the author of Purāṇasaṁhitā. Thus Parāśara became the best of the Guruparamparā (traditional line of preceptors). [Chapter 1, Aṁśa 1, Viṣṇu Purāṇa].
    4) Birth of Vyāsa.
    Parāśara begot a son of a fisherwoman named Satyavatī and the boy became later the celebrated Vyāsa.
    5) Other details.
    (i) He got the name Parāśara because even from the womb of his mother he consoled Vasiṣṭha when his son Śakti, father of Parāśara was eaten by the demoniac form of Kalmāṣapāda.
    (ii) See under Guruparamparā the status of Parāśara in that traditional line of Gurus.
    (iii) Among the Sūktas, [Sūkta 65, Anuvāka 12, Maṇḍala 1 of Ṛgveda] was sung by Parāśara.
    (iv) Parāśara was one among the several sages who visited Bhīṣma lying on his bed of arrows. [Chapter 47, Śānti Parva].
    (v) Once Parāśara visited king Janaka and talked with him on Ādhyātmika topics (spiritual matters). [Chapter 290, Śānti Parva].
    (vi) Chapter 150 of Anuśāsana Parva mentions Parāśara as describing the power of Sāvitrīmantra to an audience.

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