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सं-क्रान्ति  f. f. going from one place to another, course or passage or entry into, transference to (loc. or comp.), [Kāv.] ; [MārkP.]
उत्तरायण-स्°   (in astron.) passage of the sun or a planet from one sign or position in the heavens into another (e.g., ‘passage of the sun to its northern course’ [cf.कूट-स्°]; a day on which a principal संक्रान्ति occurs is kept as a festival, See, [RTL. 428] ), [Sūryas.]
transference of an art (from a teacher to a pupil), [Mālav. i, 15, 18]
transferring to a picture, image, reflection, [W.]
-वादिन्   = , [Buddh.]

संक्रान्तिः [saṅkrāntiḥ]  f. f.
Going together, union.
Passage from one point to another, transition.
The passage of the sun or any planetary body from one zodiacal sign into another.
Transference, giving over (to another); संपातिताः ... पयसो गण्डूषसंक्रान्तयः [U.3.16.]
Transferring or communicating (one's knowledge to another), power of imparting (instruction to another); विवादे दर्शयिष्यन्तं क्रियासंक्रान्तिमात्मनः [M.1.19;] शिष्टा क्रिया कस्यचिदात्मसंस्था संक्रान्तिरन्यस्य विशेषयुक्ता 1.16.
Image, reflection.

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