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तन्त्र  n. an. ([Pāṇ. 7-2, 9] ; [Kāś.] ) a loom, v, 2, 70
the warp, [RV. x, 71, 9] ; [AV. x, 7, 42] ; [TBr. ii] ; [TāṇḍyaBr. x, 5] ; [ŚBr. xiv] ; [Kauś.] ; [MBh. i, 806 and 809]
कुलस्य त्°   the leading or principal or essential part, main point, characteristic feature, model, type, system, framework, [ŚBr. xii] ; [TāṇḍyaBr. xxiii, 19, 1] ; [Lāṭy.] ; KātyŚr. &c. (e.g., ‘the principal action in keeping up a family i.e. propagation’ [MBh. xiii, 48, 6] ; ifc. ‘depending on’ cf.आत्म-, स्व-, पर-, &c.)
षष्टि   doctrine, rule, theory, scientific work, chapter of such a work (esp. the 1st section of a treatise on astron.[VarBṛS. i, 9] ; पराशर's work on astron., ii, 3; vii, 8), [MBh.] &c. (cf.- &c.)
a class of works teaching magical and mystical formularies (mostly in the form of dialogues between शिव and दुर्गा and said to treat of 5 subjects, 1. the creation, 2. the destruction of the world, 3. the worship of the gods, 4. the attainment of all objects, esp. of 6 superhuman faculties, 5. the 4 modes of union with the supreme spirit by meditation ; cf.[RTL.] pp. 63, 85, 184, 189, 205ff.), [VarBṛS. xvi, 19] ; [Pañcat.] ; [Daś.] ; [Kathās. xxiii, 63] ; [Sarvad.]
a spell, [HYog. i, 5] ; [Vcar.]
oath or ordeal, [L.]
N. of a सामन् (also called ‘that of विरूप’), [ĀrṣBr.]
°त्रिन्   an army (cf.), [BhP. x, 54, 15]
ifc. a row, number, series, troop, [Bālar. ii f., vi]
राज्य-त्°   = , government, [Daś. xiii] ; [Śiś. ii, 88]
पर त्°   (, ‘the highest authority’), [Subh.]
a means which leads to two or more results, contrivance, [Hariv. ii, 1, 31]
°त्रावाप   a drug (esp. one of specific faculties), chief remedy cf.
परिच्छद   = , [L.]
अन्त   = , [L.]
wealth, [L.]
a house, [L.]
happiness, [W.]
तन्त्र   b &c. See cols. 1, 2.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
तन्त्र  mfn.  (-न्त्रः-न्त्रा-न्त्रं) Dependant, subsarvient.
 m.  (-न्त्रः) A weaver.
 f.  (-न्त्री)
1. Any string or rope.
2. The wire or string of a lute. 3. Any tubular vessel of the body.
4. A plant, (Menispermum glabrum:) see गूडुची.
5. The name of a river.
6. A young woman.
 n.  (-न्त्रं)
1. A Tantra, a religious treatise teaching peculiar and mystical formulæ and rites for the worship of the deities, or the attainment of superhuman power: it is mostly in the form of a dialogue between SIVA and DURGA, who are the peculiar gods of the Tantrikas: there is a great number of these works, and their authority, in many parts of India, seems to have, in a great measure, superseded that of the Vedas: according to one account, a Tantra comprises five subjects, the creation and destruction of the world, the worship of the gods, the attainment of all objects, magical rites for the acquirement of six (superhuman) faculties, and four modes of union with spirit by meditation; a variety of subjects are, however, introduced many of them, whilst some are limited to a single topic, as the mode of breathing in certain rites, the language of birds, beasts, &c.
2. A branch of the Vedas, that which teaches Mantra or mystical and magical formulæ.
3. Demon- stration, clear and right conclusion.
4. Raiment, vesture.
5. A me- dicament, a drug.
6. A principal medicament, or perhaps a charm considered as producing medicinal effects.
7. Providing for a fami- ly.
8. A cause, a motive.
9. Cause common to two or more results; the instruments or means of more than one effect.
10. Necessary or indispensable act or provision; the right way of doing any thing. 11. Chief, principal.
12. A royal retinue, a court, a train.
13. An army.
14. A royal property: that of providing for the security and prosperity of the kingdom.
15. A realm, a country.
16. A thread, 17. Subservience, service, dependance.
18. Oath or ordeal.
19. De- corations, hanging with trophies, garlands, &c.
20. Heap, multitude. 21. Wealth.
22. A house.
23. An implement or weaving a loom. 24. Happiness, felicity.
E. तन to spread or extend, affix ष्ट्रन्; or तत्रि to spread, to support a family, &c. affix क, fem. affix ङीप्; or तन्त्र
with Unadi aff.

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