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ॡ   1. the tenth vowel of the alphabet (the corresponding long vowel to , entirely artificial and only appearing in the works of some grammarians and lexicographers).
ॡ  m. 2.m.शिव, [L.]
ॡ  f. f. the mother of the cow of plenty
the mother of the दानवs
wife of a दैत्य
divine female
female nature.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
ॡ   The long vowel corresponding to the preceding short one, Lri or Li.
ॡ   aptote.
1. A divine female.
2. The female nature.
3. A mother.
 m.  (ॡः) A name of SIVA.
 f.  (ॡः)
1. The mother of the demons.
2. The mother of the all-bestowing cow. ind. A mystical letter used once or repeatedly in many Mantras or mystical formulæ. The letters and are employed in the same manner: they have ap- parently no signification, but are personified and invested with marvellous properties in the Tantras.

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