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ॠ  n. 1. the eighth vowel of the alphabet (the corresponding long vowel to and resembling the sound of ri in marine, but after labials more like ru; it generally only appears in some forms of nouns in , viz. in the gen.pl. of all genders, in the acc.pl.m. and f. and in nom.acc. and voc.pl.n.)
ॠ  n. 2.ind. an interjection of terror, [L.]
a particle implying reproach
warding off, [L.]
a particle used at the beginning of a sentence, [L.]
ॠ  m. 3.m. a भैरव, [L.]
a दानव, [L.]
ॠ  f. f. the mother of the gods
of the demons, [L.]
going, motion, [L.]
ॠ  n. n. a breast, [L.]
ॠ   4. for 4.q.v.
कॄ   1.cl. 6. P.किर॑ति ([Pāṇ. 7-1, 100] ; perf.-चकार, [Pāṇ. 7-4, 11] ; [Kāś.] ; 2nd fut.करिष्यति; 1st fut.करिता or करीता, [Vop. xiii, 2] ; aor.अकारीत् [Ved.सं॑ का॑रिषत्]; ind.p.-कीर्य; Pass.कीर्यते),
to pour out, scatter, throw, cast, disperse, [RV. i, 32, 13] ; [MBh.] &c.;
to throw up in a heap, heap up, [Kāṭh. xxviii, 4] : Ā.किरते, to throw off from one's self, [RV. iv, 38, 7] : P. to strew, pour over, fill with, cover with, [MBh.] ; [R.] ;
(perf. 3. pl.चकरुर्), [Bhaṭṭ.] :
Desid.चिकरिषति, [Pāṇ. 7-2, 75] :
Intens.चाकर्ति, [Pāṇ. 7-4, 92] ; [Kāś.] ;
([cf.Gk.κεράννυμι, κίρνημι.])
कॄ   2. (or v.l.कृ) cl. 5. 9.P.Ā.कृणोति, °णुते, °णाति, °णीते, to hurt, injure, kill, [Dhātup.] ; [Vop. xvi, 2] ;
कृण्व॑ति, [Naigh. ii, 19.]
कॄ   3. (v.l. for गॄ) cl. 10. Ā.कारयते, to know, [Dhātup. xxxiii, 33] ;
to inform, ib.


ॠ ॠ, ind. An interjection of (1) terror; (2) warding off; (3) reproach or censure; (4) compassion; (5) remembrance; (6) Commencement of speech; (7) protection; (8) pride; (9) looking up. -m.
(ॠः) N. of Bhairava.
A Dānava or demon. -f.
Theलृ लॄ
कॄ [k]ॄ, I. 6 P. (किरति, चकार, अकारीत्, अकरि-री-ष्ट, अकीर्ष्ट, करि-री-तुम्, कीर्ण)
ॠ ॠ, 9 P. (ॠणाति, ईर्ण) To go, move. रुणवर्णः स्यात्क्लीबः पापी पराजितः । वीतरागोऽथ पाखण्डी कमलं मरणं च लृ ॥ [Enm.]
To scatter, throw about, pour, cast, disperse; समरशिरसि चञ्चत्पञ्चचूडश्चमूनामुपरि शरतुषारं कोऽप्ययं वीरपोतः । किरति [U.5.2;6.1;] दिशि दिशि किरति सजलकणजालम् [Gīt.4;] [Ś.1.7;] [Amaru.11.]
To strew, cover or fill with; उक्षान्प्रचक्रुर्नगरस्य मार्गान् [Bk.3.5;] सौमित्रिमकिरद् बाणैः परितो रावणिस्ततः 17.42. -II. 9 U. (कृणाति, कृणीते) To injure, hurt, kill. -III. 1 Ā. (कारयते) To know, inform.


Shabda-Sagara | Sanskrit  English
ॠ   The long vowel corresponding to the short one preceding, and having the sound of RI long.
ॠ   r. 9th cl. (गि) (ॠणोति) To go or move.
ॠ  f.  (री)
1. The mother of the gods.
2. Also of the demons.
3. Re- collection.
 m.  ()
1. A name of BHAIRAVA.
2. An Asura or demon. 3. The breast.
4. Motion, going. ind.
1. Incipient particle.
2. An interjection of compassion.
3. Of reproach.
4. Of terror.
कॄ   r. 6th cl. (किरति) To throw, to scatter.
5. A mys- tical letter used in the Tantras.
r. 9th cl. (कृणाति) or (गि, ञ) गिकॄञ् (कृणाति-कृणीते) To hurt, to injure,
r. 10th cl. (कारयते) To know.
With अप prefixed, To draw furrows, to make lines.
1. To disperse.
With अव, To throw, to cast.
With आङ्, To fill up. to cover over.
With प्रति, To hurt, to injure.
With वि. To throw, to cast, to send, to scatter widely.
With सम, To gather, to collect.
With अभि in the passive voice, to be upset, over- come, or overwhelmed.

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