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ॠ ॠ, ind. An interjection of (1) terror; (2) warding off; (3) reproach or censure; (4) compassion; (5) remembrance; (6) Commencement of speech; (7) protection; (8) pride; (9) looking up. -m.
(ॠः) N. of Bhairava.
A Dānava or demon. -f.
Theलृ लॄ
कॄ [k]ॄ, I. 6 P. (किरति, चकार, अकारीत्, अकरि-री-ष्ट, अकीर्ष्ट, करि-री-तुम्, कीर्ण)
ॠ ॠ, 9 P. (ॠणाति, ईर्ण) To go, move. रुणवर्णः स्यात्क्लीबः पापी पराजितः । वीतरागोऽथ पाखण्डी कमलं मरणं च लृ ॥ [Enm.]
To scatter, throw about, pour, cast, disperse; समरशिरसि चञ्चत्पञ्चचूडश्चमूनामुपरि शरतुषारं कोऽप्ययं वीरपोतः । किरति [U.5.2;6.1;] दिशि दिशि किरति सजलकणजालम् [Gīt.4;] [Ś.1.7;] [Amaru.11.]
To strew, cover or fill with; उक्षान्प्रचक्रुर्नगरस्य मार्गान् [Bk.3.5;] सौमित्रिमकिरद् बाणैः परितो रावणिस्ततः 17.42. -II. 9 U. (कृणाति, कृणीते) To injure, hurt, kill. -III. 1 Ā. (कारयते) To know, inform.
ॠ  n. 1. the eighth vowel of the alphabet (the corresponding long vowel to and resembling the sound of ri in marine, but after labials more like ru; it generally only appears in some forms of nouns in , viz. in the gen.pl. of all genders, in the acc.pl.m. and f. and in nom.acc. and voc.pl.n.)
ॠ  n. 2.ind. an interjection of terror, [L.]
a particle implying reproach
warding off, [L.]
a particle used at the beginning of a sentence, [L.]
ॠ  m. 3.m. a भैरव, [L.]
a दानव, [L.]
ॠ  f. f. the mother of the gods
of the demons, [L.]
going, motion, [L.]
ॠ  n. n. a breast, [L.]
कॄ   1.cl. 6. P.किर॑ति ([Pāṇ. 7-1, 100]; perf.-चकार, [Pāṇ. 7-4, 11]; [Kāś.]; 2nd fut.करिष्यति; 1st fut.करिता or करीता, [Vop. xiii, 2]; aor.अकारीत् [Ved.सं॑ का॑रिषत्]; ind.p.-कीर्य; Pass.कीर्यते),
to pour out, scatter, throw, cast, disperse, [RV. i, 32, 13]; [MBh.] &c.;
to throw up in a heap, heap up, [Kāṭh. xxviii, 4] : Ā.किरते, to throw off from one's self, [RV. iv, 38, 7] : P. to strew, pour over, fill with, cover with, [MBh.]; [R.];
(perf. 3. pl.चकरुर्), [Bhaṭṭ.] :
Desid.चिकरिषति, [Pāṇ. 7-2, 75] :
Intens.चाकर्ति, [Pāṇ. 7-4, 92]; [Kāś.];
([cf.Gk.κεράννυμι, κίρνημι.])
ॠ   4. for 4.q.v.
कॄ   2. (or v.l.कृ) cl. 5. 9.P.Ā.कृणोति, °णुते, °णाति, °णीते, to hurt, injure, kill, [Dhātup.]; [Vop. xvi, 2];
कृण्व॑ति, [Naigh. ii, 19.]
कॄ   3. (v.l. for गॄ) cl. 10. Ā.कारयते, to know, [Dhātup. xxxiii, 33];
to inform, ib.

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