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ह्रद  f. 1.m. (once n.; ifc.f(). rather to be connected with √ ह्लाद्, but cf.ह्राद्; for 2.ह्रद See p.1307) a large or deep piece of water, lake, pool (rarely applied to the sea; with गाङ्ग, ‘the water of the Ganges’), [RV.] &c. &c.
ह्रद  f. 2.m. (ifc.f(). ; for 1. See p. 1306, col. 3) sound, noise, [L.]
शत-ह्र्°   a ray of light (See )
a ram, [L.]
N. of a son of ह्राद, [Hariv.]

ह्रदः [hradḥ]   [ह्राद्-अच् नि˚]
A deep lake, a large and deep pool of water; आपगा गरुडेनेव ह्रदादुद्धृतपन्नगा [Rām.2.] 47.17; [Ki.15.17;] ह्रदे गभीरे हृदि चावगाढे शंसन्ति कार्यावतरं हि सन्तः [N.3.53.]
A deep hole or cavity; नाभिह्रदै- परिगृहीतरयाणि निम्नैः [Śi.5.29.]
A ray of light. -Comp.
-ग्रहः   a crocodile.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
ह्रद  m.  (-दः)
1. A deep lake, a large or deep piece of water.
2. A ray of light.
E. ह्राद् to sound, aff. अच्, and the deriv. irr.

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 m  A deep place in water (in a river, lake &c.)

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