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हेति - hētiḥ

हेतिः [hētiḥ]  m. m., f. [हन्-करणे क्तिन् नि˚] A weapon, a missile; समरविजयी हेतिदलितः [Bh.2.44;] [R.1.12;] [Ki.3.56;14.3.]
A stroke, injury.
A ray of the sun.
Light, splendour.
Flame; वहन्ति सर्वभूतानि त्वत्तो निष्क्रम्य हेतयः [Mb.5.16.6;] [Śi.14.25.]
An implement, instrument; सध्ऱ्यङ् नियम्य यतयो यमकर्तहेतिं जह्युः स्वराडिव निपानखनित्रमि [Bhāg.2.7.48.]
Shot, impact (of a bow-string).
A young sprout.
हेति   a &c. See p. 1303, col. 3.
हेति  m. bf. (fr.1.हि; in later language also m.) a missile weapon, any weapon (also personified), [RV.] &c. &c.
stroke, wound, [Sāy.]
अग्नि's weapon, flame, light, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
a ray of the sun, [L.]
rapid motion, shot, impact (of a bow-string), [RV.]
an implement, instrument, [BhP.]
a young shoot or sprout, [L.]
हेति  m. m.N. of the first राक्षस king (represented as occupying the Sun's chariot in the month चैत्र or मधु), [R.]
of an असुर, [BhP.]

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