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हसित - hasita

hasita n S Laughter.
हसित [hasita] p.p. p.  p. p. [हस्-कर्तरि क्त]
Laughed, laughing.
Blown, expanded.
तम् Laughter.
Joke, jesting; कीर्तितानि हसितेऽपि तानि यं व्रीडयन्ति चरितानि मानिनम् [Ki.13.47.]
The bow of the god of love.
हसित  mfn. mfn. laughing, jesting, smiling, [Kathās.]
जहास  m. one who has laughed (m. ‘he laughed’ = ), [Vet.]
mocked, ridiculed, surpassed, excelled, [Kāv.]
blown, expanded, [L.]
हसित  n. n. laughing, laughter (also impers. = ‘it has been laughed’), [TĀr.]; [Kāv.]; [Kathās.] &c.
the bow of काम (god of love), [W.]

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