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हव  m. 1am. (fr.हु) an oblation, burnt offering, sacrifice, [Śiś.]
fire or the god of fire, [L.]
हव  mfn. 2amfn. (fr.ह्वे or हू; for 1. See p. 1293, col. 2)
calling, [RV.]
हव  m. m. call, invocation, ib.; [AV.]
direction, order, command, [L.]
हव   1b &c. See p. 1293, col. 2.
हव   2b &c. See p.1294, cols. 1 and 2.

हवः [havḥ]   [हु-अ, ह्वे-अप् संप्र˚पृषो˚ वा]
An oblation, a sacrifice; भीमतामपरोऽम्भोधिसमेऽधित महाहवे [Śi.19.54.]
Invocation, prayer.
Calling, a call.
Order, command.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
हव  m.  (-वः)
1. Sacrifice, oblation.
2. Call, calling.
3. Order, command. 4. Challenging, defying.
5. Invocation, prayer.
E. हु to sacrifice, or ह्वे to call, अप् aff.

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