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स्तव - stavḥ

 m  Praise; extolling.
prep   For; on account of.
शव . सार्ठी ; करिताम कारण ; मुर्ळे ; बद्दल . [ सं . ]
Praising, lauding, extolling; praise, applause, commendation.
stava prep On account of; for the sake of; because, for.
स्तवः [stavḥ]   [स्तु-अप्]
Praising, celebrating, eulogizing.
Praise, eulogium, panegyric; ततो गिरः पुरुषवरस्तवा- न्विता [Mb.12.47.18.]
स्तव  n. 1.m. or n. a partic. substance, [Divyâv.]
स्तव   2aस्तवक &c. See p. 1259, col. 1.
स्तव  m. 2bm. (for 1. See p. 1258, col. 3) praise, eulogy, song of praise, hymn, panegyric, [RV.]; &c.
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