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सं-हिता  f. af. See next
See also: सं - हिता
सं-हिता  f. bf. conjunction, connection, union, [TUp.]
See also: सं - हिता
संधि   (in gram.) the junction or combination of letters according to euphonic rules (= , but sometimes considered rather as the state preparatory to the actual junction than the junction itself), [Prāt.]
a text treated according to euphonic rules (esp. the real continuous text of the वेदs as formed out of the पदs or separate words by proper phonetic changes [according to various schools; cf.[IW. 152]] : beside the संहिताs of the ऋग्-, साम-, and अथर्ववेद there is the वाजसनेयि-संहिता belonging to the White यजुर्-वेद, and five other संहिताs belonging to the black यजुर्-वेद, viz. the तैत्तिरीय-, the संहिता of the आत्रेयs [known only by its अनुक्रमणी], the of the कठs, the कपिष्ठल-कठ-, and the of the मैत्रायणीयs or मैत्रायणी-), [Nir.]; [Prāt.] &c.
बृहत्-स्°   any methodically arranged collection of texts or verses (e.g. the रामायण, the various law-books, the medical works of चरक and शार्ङ्गधर, the complete system of natural astrology &c. [cf.]; there is also a संहिता of the पुराणs said to have been compiled by व्यास, the substance of which is supposed to be represented by the विष्णु-पुराण), [MBh.]; [VarBṛS.]; [Pur.] &c.
science, [L.]
the force which holds together and supports the universe (a term applied to the Supreme Being accord. to some), [MW.]
N. of various works.

संहिता [saṃhitā]   1 Combination, union, conjunction.
A collection, compilation, compendium.
Any systematically arranged collection of texts or verses.
A compendium or compilation of laws, code, digest; मनु- संहिता.
The continuous hymnical text of the Veda as formed out of the Padas or individual words by proper phonetic changes according to different Śākhās or schools; पदप्रकृतिः संहिता [Nir.]
(In gram.) Combination or junction of letters according to the rules of Saṁdhi or euphony; परः संनिकर्षः संहिता [P.I.4.19;] वर्णानामतिशयितः संनिधिः संहितासंज्ञः स्यात् Sk.; or वर्णानामेकप्राणयोगः संहिता.
The Supreme Being who holds and supports the universe.-Comp.
-पाठः   the continuous text of the Veda (opp. पदपाठ q. v.).

ना.  तयार केलेली प्रत ( भाषण व अन्य साधनावरून ), मूळ लिखाण , मूळ लिखित प्रत .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
saṃhitā f S Proximity or adjunction: esp., in grammar, the proximity of two letters without an intervening pause; the state preparatory to Sandhi or junction. 2 An arrangement of the text of the Vedas into short sentences; denominated after the person by whom made. Ex. सूतसंहिता, वाराहसंहिता, गर्गसंहिता. 3 A branch or school of the Vedas. 4 A compilation, code, digest.

 स्त्री. १ ( व्या . ) सान्निध्य ; सन्निहितत्व ; अनुबंध ; योग ( दोन वर्णांचा संधि होण्यापूर्वीची स्थिति ). २ वेदांची एका ठिकाणी मांडणी ; वेदांचें ग्रथन ; वेदांची विशिष्ट शाखा ; ऋग्वेद संहिता ; यजुःसंहिता ; मैत्रायणी संहिता वगैरे . ३ विशिष्ट ग्रंथाची रचना , मांडणी , एकत्रीकरण ; शास्त्रादिकांचे मूळ ग्रंथ ; पुराणादि ग्रंथ . उदा० सूतसंहिता ; वाराहसंहिता ; गर्गसंहिता ; महाभारत . सांगे मुनीश्वराला एकशत सहस्त्र संहिता सौती . । - मोआदि १ . २२ . ४ संग्रह ; एकत्रग्रथन ; रचना ; मांडणी .

संहिता n.  धृतराष्ट्र की द्वितीयय पत्‍नी, जो गांधारराज सुबल की कन्या एवं गांधारी की कनिष्ठ भगिनी थी ।

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
SAṀHITĀ   Collection of hymns addressed to various Devatās in nature. These songs are in the form of mantras. (See under Veda).

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 f  Proximity. A code. A school of the Vedas.

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