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Keeping, preserving, taking care of.
 न. सांभाळ ; रक्षण ; राखण ; निगा ; जपणूक . काळजी घेणें . [ सं . सम् ‍ + रक्ष ] संरक्षक - वि . काळजी घेणारा ; रक्षणकर्ता ; सांभाळणारा ; रखवालदार ; पहरेकरी .
०जकात  स्त्री. स्वदेशांतील उद्योगधंद्यांची वाढ व्हावी म्हणून आयात मालावर बसविलेली जकात , पट्टी , कर . संरक्षणीय - वि . रक्षण करण्यास योग्य ; राखण्याजोगें ; जपण्यासारखें ; सांभाळण्यासारखे . संरक्षिणें - उक्रि . राखणें ; काळजी घेणें ; जपणें ; संभाळणें ; निगा राखणें . संरक्षित - धावि . रक्षण केलेला ; सांभाळलेला . संरक्ष्य - वि . राखण्यास योग्य , शक्य , अवश्य .
  Keeping, preserving, taking care of.

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NANDĀ II(नन्दा)

  • A river. Mention is made in [Mahābhārata, Ādi Parva, Chapter 214, Stanza 6], that while Arjuna had been engaged in a pilgrimage visiting the holy places in the east, he reached the banks of the rivers Nandā and Aparanandā. Many of the scholars are of opinion that this river flowed through the eastern side of the forest Naimiṣaraṇya. When the hermit Dhaumya talks about the holy places of the east to Yudhiṣṭhira, he says as follows about the river Nandā. “The beautiful mountain ‘Kuṇḍoda’ is a place which abounds in roots, fruits and water. Nala the King of Niṣadha, who was weary of thirst rested here. There is a holy temple here called Devavana which is thronged by hermits. Near this temple there is a mountain through the top of which, two rivers Bāhudā and Nandā flow.” [M.B. Vana Parva, Chapter 87]. During the time of the forest life of the Pāṇḍavas, Yudhiṣṭhira travelled with the hermit Lomaśa, through the basin of the rivers Nandā, and Aparanandā. During the Paurāṇic times some deities had lived in the basin of the river Nandā, and men began to come there to visit the deities. The devas (gods) did not like this and so they rendered the place inaccessible to men. From that time onwards the river basin of Nandā and the mount Hemakūṭa have become prohibited area for human beings. [M.B. Vana Parva, Chapter 110]. 

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