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शौण्डिक  m. m. a distiller and vendor of spirituous liquors (considered as a mixed caste; accord. to some ‘the son of a कैवर्त and a गान्धिक woman’; accord. to others ‘the son of a निष्ठ्य and a शूद्र woman’), [Yājñ.]; [R.]; [VarBṛS.]
शौण्डीक   pl.N. of a people, [MBh.] (C.)

शौण्डिकः [śauṇḍikḥ] शौण्डिन् [śauṇḍin]   शौण्डिन् m. [शुण्डा सुरा पण्यमस्य ठक् इनि वा] A distiller and seller of spirtuous liquors, a vintner.-की,
-नी   A female vintner; पयोऽपि शौण्डिकीहस्ते वारुणीत्यभि- धीयते [H.3.11.] -Comp.
-आगारः   a liquor-shop.

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शौण्डिक  m.  (-कः) A distiller and vender of spirituous liquors.
 f.  (-की) A female keeper of a tavern or dram-shop.
E. शुण्डा spirits, ठञ् aff.

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