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व्युष् - vyuṣ

व्युष् [vyuṣ] प्युष् [pyuṣ]   प्युष् 1 [P.]
To void, emit.
To reject.
व्युष्   1. (also read प्युष्) cl. 4. P.व्युषति, to burn (in this sense perhaps = व्य्-उष्), [Dhātup. xxvi, 7];
to divide, distribute (in this sense also written प्युस्, पुष्, ब्युस्, बुस्), ib. 108;
cl. 10. P.व्योषयति, to reject, discharge, emit (in this sense also written पुस्), ib. xxxii, 92.
व्य्-उष्  f. 2.f. (fr.वि- √ 2.वस्) dawn, daybreak, [AV. xiii, 3, 21] (loc.व्य्-उ॑षि, as inf.[RV. v, 35, 8 &c.]; cf. also आ-व्युषम् and उप-व्युष॑म्).

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