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व्यवायिन् [vyavāyin]   a.
Resolving, decomposing.
Lustful, dissolute. -m.
A sensualist, libertine.
An aphrodisiac.
व्य्-°अवायिन्  mfn. mfn. intervening, separating, [Prāt.]; [Pāṇ.]

°यि-त्व  n. pervading, diffusive, [Suśr.]; [ŚārṅgS.] (n., [Car.])
See also: °यि - त्व

lascivious, lustful, [Suśr.]
व्य्-°अवायिन्  m. m. a libertine, [W.]

any drug possessing stimulating properties, an aphrodisiac, ib.

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