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See also:  विह्‍ळगौर , विह्‍वलित
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वि-ह्वल  n. mf()n. agitated, perturbed, distressed, afflicted, annoyed (अम्ind.), [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
See also: वि - ह्वल
वि-ह्वल  m. m. myrrh, [L.]
See also: वि - ह्वल

विह्वल [vihvala]   a.
Agitated, disquieted, perturbed, confused; क्षणमात्रसखीं सुजातयोः स्तनयोस्तामवलोक्य विह्वला [R.8.37.]
Overcome with fear, alarmed.
Delirious, beside oneself.
Afflicted, distressed; वित्तव्याधिविकारविह्वलगिरां नामापि न श्रूयते [Bh.3.59;] [Ku.4.4.]
Fused, liquid. -Comp.
-चेतस् a.  a. low-spirited.
-तनु a.  a. one whose body is exhausted.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
विह्वल  mfn.  (-लः-ला-लं)
1. Agitated, alarmed, overcome with fear or agitation, beside one's self, unable to restrain one's self.
2. Dis- tressed, afflicted.
3. Fused, liquid.
4. Desponding.
E. वि before ह्वल् to shake, aff., अच् .

विव्हळ इ० पहा .

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