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वि—मिश्र   a See under वि-√ मिश्र्.
वि-मिश्र  mfn. bmf()n. mixed, mingled, miscellaneous, [MBh.]; [Hariv.]; [VarBṛS.]
mixed or mingled with, attended or accompanied by (instr. or comp.), ib.; [Suśr.] &c.
applied to one of the 7 divisions into which the course of Mercury, accord. to पराशर, is divided, [VarBṛS.]
वि-मिश्र  n. n. capital and interest &c., [Līl.]

विमिश्र [vimiśra] विमिश्रित [vimiśrita]   विमिश्रित a. Mixed, blended, mingled (with instr. or in comp.); पुंभिर्विमिश्रा नार्यश्च Mb.; दम्पत्योरिह को न को न तमसि व्रीडाविमिश्रो रसः [Gīt.5.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
विमिश्र  f.  (-श्रा) Mixed together.

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