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वि—मान  mfn. amfn. (for 2. See वि-√ मन्) devoid of honour, disgraced, [BhP.]
See also: वि - मान
वि-मान  m. 2.m. (for 1. See p. 951, col. 3; for 3. under वि-√ मा) disrespect, dishonour (See अ-वि मन).
See also: वि - मान
वि-मान  mfn. 3.mf()n. (for 1. See p. 951, col. 3; for 2, under वि-√ मन्) measuring out, traversing, [RV.]; [AV.]; [MBh.]
See also: वि - मान
वि-मान  n. m.n. a car or chariot of the gods, any mythical self-moving aerial car (sometimes serving as a seat or throne, sometimes self-moving and carrying its occupant through the air; other descriptions make the विमान more like a house or palace, and one kind is said to be 7 stories high; that of रावण was called पुष्पकq.v.; the नौ-व्° [[Ragh. xvi, 68]] is thought to resemble a ship), [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
See also: वि - मान
वि-मान  m. m. any car or vehicle (esp. a bier), [Rājat. vii, 446]
See also: वि - मान
the palace of an emperor or supreme monarch (esp. one with 7 stories), [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
a temple or shrine of a partic. form, [VarBṛS.]
a kind of tower (?), [R. v, 52, 8]
a grove, [Jātakam.]
a ship, boat, [L.]
a horse, [L.]
वि-मान  n. n. measure, [RV.]
See also: वि - मान
extension, ib.
(in med.) the science of (right) measure or proportion (e.g. of the right relation between the humours of the body, of medicines and remedies &c.), [Car.]

विमान [vimāna] a.  a. Disgraced, devoid of honour; तन्मक्षिकाभि- र्व्यथितो विमानः [Bhāg.5.13.1.]
विमानः [vimānḥ] नम् [nam]   नम् 1 Disrespect, dishonour; आक्रोशन- विमानाभ्यां नाबुधान् बोधयेद् बुधः [Mb.12.299.25;] [Bhāg.5.] 1.25.
A measure.
A balloon, a heavenly car (moving through the skies); पदं विमानेन विगाहमानः [R. 13.1;7.51;] विमानीकृतराजहंसमण्डलः K.; [R.12.14;] [Ku. 2.45;7.4;] [V.4.43;] [Ki.7.11;] विगते दिवसे ततो विमानं वपुषा सूर्य इव प्रदीप्यमानः (आरुरोह) [Bu. Ch.5.43.]
A vehicle or conveyance in general; स नौविमानादवतीर्य रेमे [R.16.68.]
A palace (with seven stories); 'विमानोऽस्त्री देवयाने सप्तभूमौ च सद्मनि' इति निघण्टुः; [Rām.1.5.16;] नेत्रा नीताः सततगतिना यद्विमानाग्रभूमीः [Me.71.]
A horse.
An open palanquin carried on men's shoulders; इमां विमानेन सभां विशन्तीं पपावपाङ्गैरथ राजराजिः [N.1.17.]
A ship, boat. -Comp.
-गामिन्   a god; भयान्विता नभसि विमानगामिनः [Mb.1.23.24.]-चारिन्, यान a. moving in balloon.
राजः an excellent heavenly car; [U.3.]
the driver of a heavenly car.
-वाहः, -धुर्यः   palanquin-bearer; तां राजसङ्घ- मनयन्त विमानवाहाः [N.11.23;] तां राजकादपगमष्य विमानधुर्या निन्युर्नलाकृतिधरानथ पञ्च वीरान् [N.13.1.]

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विमान  mn.  (-नः-नं)
1. A car or chariot of the gods, sometimes serving as a seat or throne, and at others carrying them through the skies self-directed and self-moving; hence it also applies to the sky. 2. Any car or vehicle.
3. A horse.
4. A palace, the palace of an emperor, or supreme monarch.
5. A seven-storied palace.
6. Disrespect, dishonour.
7. Measure.
E. वि before मन् to under- stand,
See also: वि - मन्
with घञ् aff.; or मा to measure, aff. ल्युट्; to वि priv., मान honour.

ना.  आकाशनौका , आकाशयान , वायुयान , हवाई जहाज .

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A chariot of the gods, serving as a throne or as a conveyance through the skies, self-directed and self-moving.

 न. आकाशयान ; आकाशनौका ; अंतराळांतून प्रवास करण्याचें साधन ; देवांचा इच्छागमनी रथ . [ सं . ]

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  A balloon.

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