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ना.  आकाशनौका , आकाशयान , वायुयान , हवाई जहाज .
A chariot of the gods, serving as a throne or as a conveyance through the skies, self-directed and self-moving.
 न. आकाशयान ; आकाशनौका ; अंतराळांतून प्रवास करण्याचें साधन ; देवांचा इच्छागमनी रथ . [ सं . ]
  A balloon.

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  • While the Pāṇḍavas were leading forest life, the hermit Mārkaṇḍeya told the story of a noble Brahmin named Kauśika, to Dharmaputra. Once this Brahmin sat under a tree and performed penance. A small crane which sat on a branch of the tree passed excreta on the head of the Brahmin. He became angry and looked at the bird. Instantly the bird was reduced to ashes. The Brahmin sincerely repented and went to the countryside to live on alms. Once he reached the house of a Brahmin. The wife of the Brahmin came to the door and requested him to wait a bit. Immediately her husband arrived, and she, being engaged in looking after the needs of her husband forgot the Brahmin Kauśika, who became angry and spoke cruel words to her. She argued that the noblest deed was looking after one's husband and that it was not meet and right for Brahmins to get angry. She advised Kauśika to go to Mithilāpurī and to receive advice from the famous Dharmavyādha. Kauśika repented his rash nature, went to Dharmavyādha and received advice from him. He returned home and lived peacefully with his parents. [M.B. Vana Parva, ten chapters from 206]. Though a man of veracity, he finally had to go to hell, for the following reason. While he was engaged in penance in the forest some thieves came by that way with some stolen goods. The owners of the goods were chasing the thieves. Kauśika told them the way by which the thieves had gone. So at the end Kauśika was thrown into hell. [M.B. Karṇa Parva, Chapter 69]. 

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