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वासन्त [vāsanta] a.  a. (-न्ती f.)
Vernal, suitable to or produced in spring.
In the spring or prime of life, youthful.
Diligent, attentive (in the performance of duties).
न्तः A camel.
A young elephant.
Any young animal.
A cuckoo.
The south wind, the breeze blowing from the Malaya mountain; cf. मलयसमीर.
A kind of bean.
A dissolute man.
न्ती A kind of jasmine (with fragrant flowers); वसन्ते वासन्तीकुसुम- सुकुमारैरवयवैः [Gīt.1.]
Long pepper.
The trumpetflower.
 N. N. of a festival held in honour of Cupid; cf. वसन्तोत्सव.
The spring creeper.
वासन्त  mfn. mf(ई॑)n. (fr.वसन्त) relating to or produced in the spring season, vernal, [AV.] &c. &c.
being in the spring of life, young, [W.]
अवहित   = , or विहित, [L.]
वासन्त  m. m. (only [L.]) a camel
the Indian cuckoo
a young elephant, any young animal
मलयानिल   the southern or western wind (= q.v.)
Phaseolus Mungo or a black species of this kind of bean
a purple species of Barleria Cristata
Vangueria Spinosa
a dissolute man

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