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वर्णक  mfn. mf(इका)n. painting, picturing, representing, [Rājat.]
वर्णक  m. m. a strolling player or singer, [L.]
a species of plant, [Suśr.]
fragrant ointment, [L.]
उपकादि   N. of a man (pl. his descendants) g.
वर्णक  n. m. or n. a model or specimen, [Kathās.]
वर्णक  f. mf(इका)n. colour for painting, paint, pigment, unguent, anything for smearing on the body, [AitĀr.]; [ŚāṅkhGṛ.] &c. (ifc.f(अका). )
वर्णक  m. m. sandal, [L.]
वर्णक  n. n. a chapter, section of a book, [Nyāyam.] Sch.
a circle, orb, [HPariś.]
orpiment, [L.]
the red colouring or paint with which bride and bridegroom are marked at weddings, the painting of the bride by the bridegroom and of the bridegroom by the bride, [L.]
(ifc.) a letter or syllable, [Śrutab.]

वर्णकः [varṇakḥ]   [वर्णयति, वर्ण्-ण्वुल्]
A mask, the dress of an actor.
A paint, colour for painting; नृपमौलिमरीचि- वर्णकैः खलु यस्याङ्घ्रियुगं विलिप्यते [Śi.16.62;] मया पुनरिह पर्वते सुलभाः पञ्चजातीया वर्णका आनीताः [Nāg.2.24.]
A paint, or anything used as an unguent or pigment; कुचतटे वैवर्ण्यमुपैति वर्णकम् [Dk.2.5;] एतैः पिष्टतमालवर्णकनिभैरालिप्तमम्भो- धरैः [Mk.5.46;] [Bk.19.11;] a fragrant ointment; [Śi. 11.29.]
A bard, panegyrist.
Sandal (the tree).
A letter, syllable.
A speaker; narrator (वक्ता); अपि रहसि कृतानां वाग्विहीनोऽपि जातः सुरत- विलसितानां वर्णको वर्णकोऽसौ [Śi.11.29.]
A model or specimen.
-का   (also वर्णिका)
A mask.
A paint, colour for painting.
Fine gold.
A cloak, mantle.
कम् A paint, colour, pigment.
A chapter, division.
A circle, orb.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
वर्णक  mn.  (-कः-कं)
1. Perfume for the person, especially pounded or ground.
2. The dress of an actor.
3. Sandal.
 mf.  (-कः-का) A paint, a pigment, as indigo, orpiment, &c.
 m.  (-कः)
1. A panegyrist, a bard, a poetical encomiast, by tribe and profession.
2. A circle, an orb.
 f.  (-का)
1. Touch, standard, fineness or purity of gold.
2. A mantle.
3. A mask.
4. A paint.
E. वर्ण् to colour, &c., ण्वुल् aff.; or वर्ण as above, कन् added.

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