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वरण्डक  mfn. mfn. (only [L.]) round
large, extensive
miserable, wretched
fearful, terrified
वरण्डक  m. m. a small mound of earth, KātyŚr. Sch.
a rampart separating two combatant elephants, [Śiś.]; [Vās.]
the seat or canopy on an elephant, a howdah, [L.]
a wall, [L.]
an eruption on the face, [L.]
a multitude, [L.]

वरण्डक [varaṇḍaka]   a.
Large, great, spacious.
Miserable, wretched.
कः A mound of earth.
The seat on an elephant, a howdah.
A wall.
An eruption on the face.
= वरण्डः (7); गतासुरन्तरा दन्ती वरण्डक इवाभवत् [Śi.19.65] (Com. 'वरण्डकोऽन्तरावेदौ संदोह- मुखरोगयोः' इति विश्वः).

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
वरण्डक  mfn.  (-कः-का-कं)
1. Fearful, terrified.
2. Large, great.
3. Miser- ly, a miser.
 m.  (-कः)
1. A Howdāh, a chair or canopy on the back of an elephant.
2. A wall.
3. Eruption or pimples on the face.
4. A ball, a globe.
5. A mound of earth.
E. वरण्ड as above, कन् added.

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