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लङ्घन  n. n. the act of leaping or jumping, leaping over, stepping across, crossing, traversing (gen. or comp.), [PārGṛ.]; [R.] &c.
one of a horse's paces, curvetting, bounding, [L.]
(ifc.) rising to or towards, ascending, mounting, attaining, [Kālid.]
sexual union, impregnating, [Daś.]
attack, conquest, capture, [Kāv.]; [Pur.]
transgression, violation, disdain, neglect, [R.]; [Rājat.]
 f. (also f(). ) insult, offence, injury, wrong, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
fasting, hunger, starving system, [Suśr.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
लङ्घन  n.  (-नं)
1. Fasting, abstinence.
2. Going, proceeding.
3. Leaping, springing, going by leaps or jumps.
4. Jumping over or beyond. 5. Exceeding, transgressing, disregarding propriety, going be- yond proper bounds.
6. Storming a fort, entering by escalade, &c. 7. Capturing a fort in any way.
8. One of a horse's paces, cur- vetting, bounding.
9. Injury.
E. लघि to go, to fast, &c. aff. ल्युट् .

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