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राङ्कव  mfn. mf()n. belonging to the रङ्कु deer, [MBh.]
made from the hair of the deer, woollen, ib.; [R.]
coming from रङ्कु (said of animals), [Pāṇ. 4-2, 100]
राङ्कव  m. m. a woollen cover or blanket, [MBh.]; [R.]

राङ्कव [rāṅkava] a.  a. (-वी f.) [रङ्कोरयं विकारो वा तल्लोमजातत्वात् अण्] Belonging to the species of deer called raṅku, or made from its hair; woollen; ताः कस्तूरीपरिमलमुचः पट्टिका राङ्क- वाणाम् [Vikr.18.31;] राङ्कवाणि तथौर्णानि [Śiva.B.3.21.]
वम् A woollen cloth made of deer's hair, a woollen garment; [Mb.12.171.2.]
A blanket. -Comp.
-अजिनम् a.  a. woollen skin.
-आस्तरणम्   a woollen coverlet.

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राङ्कव  mfn.  (-वः-वी-वं) Woolen, made of the hair of a sort of deer or any other animal.
 n.  (-वं) A woolen garment. made of the deer's hair, a blanket.
E. रङ्कु a kind of deer, अण् aff.

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