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प्राग्—वंश  m. 1.m. a former or previous generation, [Hariv.]
N. of विष्णु, ib.
प्राग्—वंश  mfn. 2.mfn. having the supporting beams turned eastward, KātyŚr.; [Āp.]
प्राग्—वंश  m. m. the space before the वेदि (perhaps a kind of sacrificial chamber having columns or beams towards the east and situated opposite to the वेदि; accord. to others, a room in which the family and friends of the person performing the sacrifice assemble), [ĀpŚr.]; [Hariv.]; [Ragh.]; [BhP.]

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प्राग्वंश  m.  (-शः)
1. The room opposite to that which contains the ma- terials for an oblation, and in which the family and friends of the sacrificer assemble.
2. A former dynasty or race.
E. प्राक् before, and वंश a race, &c.

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