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प्र-°क्रिया  f. f. producing, production, [Sarvad.]
procedure, way, manner, [MBh.]
a ceremony, observance, formality, [Hariv.]; [Kathās.]; [Rājat.]
precedence, high position, elevation, privilege, [MBh.]; [Rājat.]; [Kathās.]
the insignia of high rank, [Rājat.]
characterisation, [Nyāyas.]
a chapter (esp. the introductory ch° of a work), [Śaṃk.]; [Cat.]
(in med.) a prescription, [Bhpr.]
(in gram.) etymological formation
rules for the and inflection of words, [MW.]
production, creation, origin, [Sarvad.]
form, procedure, method, mode, manner, [MBh.]
a ceremony, [Hariv.]; [Kathās.]
formality, [Rājat.]
prerogative, privilege, high rank or position, excellence, superiority, [MBh.]; [Kathās.] &c.
the insignia of high rank or dignity, [Rājat.]; [Gīt.]
characterization, [Nyāyas.]
a chapter, section (often at the end of titles of books)
medical prescription, [Bhpr.]

प्रक्रिया [prakriyā]   1 Way, manner, conduct; प्रक्रियेयं न ते युक्ता [Mb.14.79.3.]
A rite, ceremony.
The bearing of royal insignia.
High position, elevation.
A chapter or section (of a book); as in उणादिप्रक्रिया.
(In gram.) Etymological formation.
A privilege.
An introductory chapter of a work.
Rules for the formation of words.
Good conduct, action; प्रक्रिया वैरिकारिका [Mb.12.111.59] (com. प्रक्रिया प्रकृष्टं कर्म)
(In medicine) a prescription.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
प्रक्रिया  f.  (-या)
1. Bearing royal insignia.
2. Way, manner, conduct. 3. High position.
4. Chapter or section of a book.
5. Etymological formation, (In gram.)
E. प्र principal, क्रिया business.

ना.  कार्यपद्धती , कृती , घडणक्रिया , चाल , निर्मितीची कृती , पद्धती , मार्ग , रीती , विधी , संस्कार , सरणी ;
ना.  कार्यवाही .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
prakriyā f S The way, manner, process, the art or mode of preparing or effecting. 2 In grammar. The rules for the inflection of words. 3 The form of words prior to the elisions and other changes of euphonous combination.

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