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पृथ्वी  f. af. See below.
पृथ्वी  f. bf. (cf.पृथिवी) the earth (also as an element), [RV.] &c. &c.
Nigella Indica, [L.]
Boerhavia Procumbens, [L.]
हिङ्गु-पत्त्री   = , [L.]
great cardamoms, [L.]
N. of 2 kinds of metre, [Col.]
N. of the mother of the 7th अर्हत् of present अवसर्पिणी, [L.]

पृथ्वी [pṛthvī]   [पृथु-ङीष्]
The earth; पृथ्वि त्वया धृता लोका देवि त्वं विष्णुना धृता Sandhyā.
The earth as one of the five elements.
Large cardamoms.
 N. N. of a metre; (see App.I.) -Comp.
-ईशः, -पतिः, -पालः, -भुज्  m. m. a king, sovereign.
-खातम्   a cavern.
-गर्भः   an epithet of Gaṇeṣa.
-गृहम्   a cave, grotto.
जः a tree.
the planet Mars.
-जम्   rock-salt (गडलवण).
-तलम्   the ground, dry land.
-धरः   a mountain.
-भरः  N. N. of a metre.

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पृथ्वी  f.  (-थ्वी)
1. The earth.
2. A pungent seed. (Nigella Indica.)
3. A medical substance and condiment, perhaps the leaf of the asafœtida plant, “Hingupatri.”
4. The mother of the seventh Jina, or Jaina deified teacher, SUPĀRSWA.
5. Cardamoms.
6. Name of a metre.
E. The feminine form of पृथु, or पृथु the king so named, and ङीप् aff.; the domain of king PṚTHU.

ना.  अवनी , धरणी , धरा , धरित्री , धात्री , पृथिवी , भू , भूमी , मही , मेदिनी , वसुधा , वसुंधरा , वसुमती .

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