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पुष्पित  mfn. mf()n. flowered, bearing flowers, blooming, in bloom, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
having marks like flowers, variegated, spotted, (said of bad teeth), [Car.]
exhaling an odour indicative of approaching death, ib.
completely manifested, fully developed, [Kathās.]
florid, flowery (as speech), [Bhag.]
पुष्पित  m. m.N. of a बुद्ध, [Lalit.]

पुष्पित [puṣpita]   a.
Flowered, full of flowers, in bloom, blooming; चिरविरहेण विलोक्य पुष्पिताग्राम् Gīt.4 (where पुष्पिताग्रा is also the name of a metre).
Florid, flowery (as speech).
Abounding or rich in; as in सुवर्णपुष्पितां पृथ्वीम् [Pt.1.45.]
Fully developed, completely manifested.
Spotted, variegated.
-ता   A woman in her courses. -Comp.
-अग्रा  N. N. of a metre; see App.II.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
पुष्पित  mfn.  (-तः-ता-तं)
1. Flowered, in flower.
2. Florid, flowery. 3. Completely manifested, fully developed.
 f.  (-ता) A woman during menstruation.
E. पुष्प, and इतच् aff.

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Flowered, expanded into flower.

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