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पियाल - piyālḥ

A tree, Chironjia sapida. Rox. Also called Buchanania latifolia. Rox.
पियालः [piyālḥ]  N. N. of a tree; मृगाः प्रियालद्रुममञ्जरीणां रजःकणैर्विघ्रित- दृष्टिपाताः [Ku.3.31.]
-लम्   The fruit of this tree.
पियाल  m. m. (for प्रियालq.v.) the tree Buchanania Latifolia (in Bengal commonly called Piyal)
पियाल  n. n. its fruit, [MBh.]; [Hariv.]; [R.]

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