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पद  n. n. (rarely m.) a step, pace, stride
पदेन   a footstep, trace, vestige, mark, the foot itself, [RV.] &c. &c. (, on foot; पदे पदे, at every step, everywhere, on every occasion; त्रीणि पदानि विष्णोः, the three steps or footprints of विष्णु [i.e. the earth, the air, and the sky; cf.[RV. i, 154, 5]; [Vikr. i, 19]], also N. of a constellation or according to some ‘the space between the eyebrows’; sg.विष्णोः पदम्N. of a locality; पदं-√ दा, पदात् पदं-√ गम् or √ चल्, to make a step, move on; पदं-√ कृ, with loc. to set foot in or on, to enter; with मूर्ध्नि, to set the foot upon the head of [gen.] i.e. overcome; with चित्ते or हृदये, to take possession of any one's heart or mind; with loc. or प्रति, to have dealings with; पदं नि-√ धा with loc., to set foot in = to make impression upon; with पदव्याम्, to set the foot on a person's [gen. or ibc.] track, to emulate or equal; पदम् नि-√ बन्ध् with loc., to enter or engage in)
a sign, token, characteristic, [MBh.]; [Kathās.]; [Pur.]
a footing, standpoint
पदम् आ-√ तन्   position, rank, station, site, abode, home, [RV.] &c. &c. (, to spread or extend one's position; पदात् पदम् भ्रामयित्वा, having caused to wander from place to place)
a business affair, matter, object or cause of (gen. or comp.), [Kāv.]; [Pañc.] &c.
a pretext, [L.]
द्वि   a part, portion, division (cf.-, त्रि-)
a square on a chess-board, [R.]
a plot of ground, [Inscr.]
the foot as a measure of length (= 12 or 15 fingers' breadth, or 1/2 or 1/3 or 3/7 of a प्रक्रम), KātyŚr.
 m. a ray of light (m., [L.])
a portion of a verse, quarter or line of a stanza, [RV.] &c. &c.
a word or an inflected word or the stem of a noun in the middle cases and before some तद्धितs, [Pāṇ. 1-4, 14 &c.]
पद-पाठ   = , [Prāt.]
See also: पद - पाठ
common N. of the P. and Ā.[Cat.]
any one in a set of numbers the sum of which is required
a period in an arithmetical progression, [Col.]
a square root, [Sūryas.]
a quadrant, ib.
protection, [L.]
पद   [cf.Gk.πέδον; Lat.peda; op-pidum for op-pedum.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
पद   r. 4th. cl. (औ) पदौ (पद्यते)
r. 10th. cl. (पदयते) to go, to move. (ए) पदे r. 1st. cl. (पदति) to stand fast.
With अभि, prefixed,
1. To know, to understand.
2. To see, to look.
With अनु, To follow. With आङ्,
1. To happen, to befall.
2. To gain.
3. To suffer misfortune. 4. To multiply.
5. To produce.
6. To come.
With उत्, To be born or produced.
With उप,
1. To gain.
2. To be born.
3. To be near or connected with.
With उप, and सम्, To offer oblations.
With प्र, 1. To gain, to acquire.
2. To commence.
With प्र; and वि, To [Page418-b+ 60] establish, to enact.
With प्रति,
1. To gain.
2. To assent, to agree or promise.
3. To restore.
With वि, To suffer misfortune or pain. With वि, and आङ्, To injure or kill.
With वि and उत्, To discri- minate, to analyze.
With सम्,
1. To thrive, to grow or increase. 2. To do, to execute, to perform.
3. To select.
With सम्, and आङ्, 1. To arrive.
2. To finish. स्थैर्ये भ्वा० पर० सक० सेट् . गतौ दि० आ० सक० अनिट् पक्षे अद० चु० आत्म० सक० सेट् .
पद  n.  (-दं)
1. A foot.
2. A footstep, the mark of a foot.
3. A word. 4. An inflected word.
5. A crude word.
6. A connected sentence. 7. Subject, thing, matter.
8. Preservation, defence
9. Industry, application.
10. Disguise.
11. Place, site
12. Rank, station, degree.
13. A mark, a spot.
14. A foot or rather line of a stanza. 15. A mode of writing the Vedas, in which the several words are detached from one another.
16. A business, an affair.
17. (In Arithmetic,) Any one of a set of numbers the sum of which is required, or the last of the series, a square-root.
18. To occupy. 19. Step, pace,
20. A trace, a mark.
 m.  (-दः) A ray of light.
E. पद् to go, aff. अच् or घञ्.

ना.  चरण , पग , पदकमल , पदारविंद , पाऊल , पाद , पाय ;
ना.  कविता , गाणे , गेय रचना , पद्य ;
ना.  अधिकार , खुर्ची , हुद्दा ;
ना.  दर्जा , महत्त्व , योग्यता .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
given at obsequies to each of a number of Bráhmans, according to the ability of him ordering the rite. 10 In arithmetic &c. The number of the terms of a series. 11 A factor or term. 12 The square root. In combination with a word prefixed पद is the root of the number thus designated; as घनपद Cube root.

 न. ( फळज्यो .) पाद ; तीन तीन राशींचा गट . ( सं .)

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
  A foot. A footstep or footprint. An office or a post; a rank or station. A word. An inflected word. A variety of metrical composition. A factor or term. The square root. In combination with a word prefixed पद is the root of the number thus designated; as घनपद Cube root.

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