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निष्-°क्रमण  n. n. going forth or out, departing, KātyŚr.; [R.]; [Pañc.]
taking a child for the first time out of the house in the fourth month after birth to see the sun, [Mn. ii, 34]; [RTL. 253; 258]
निष्-°क्रमण  f. f(, इका). (also °णिका, [PārGṛ.]) ceasing, disappearing, [Cat.]

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निष्क्रमण  n.  (-णं)
1. Going forth or out.
2. Taking a child for the first time out of the house, in the fourth month, considered as an essential ceremony, and accompanied by sacrifice, &c.
E. निर् forth, क्रम to go, ल्युट् aff.

 न. १ निर्गमन ; बाहेर जाणे . २ नवीन जन्मलेल्या मुलास घराबाहेर प्रथम नेण्याचा सोळा संस्कारांपैकी एक संस्कार . [ सं . ]

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