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निर्-°बन्ध  m. m. objection, [Gaut.]
°धात्  n. insisting upon (loc. or comp.), pertinacity, obstinacy, perseverance, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c. (ibc., ind., °धेनind., °धतस्ind. perseveringly, with or by perseverance; °धं-√ कृ, to urge [gen.] [Kathās. i, 25]; to show obstinacy against [instr.] [MBh. xiii, 5034])
the attributing anything to, accusing of (comp.), [Mn. xi, 56]

निर्बन्धः [nirbandhḥ]   1 Insisting upon, persistence, intentness, pertinacity; निर्बन्धसंजातरुषा (गुरुणा) [R.5.21;] [Ku.5.66.]
Importunity, a pressing demand or request, urgency; निर्बन्धपृष्टः स जगाद सर्वम् [R.14.32;] अत एव खलु निर्बन्धः [Ś.3.]
Obstinacy; चकार तद्वधोपायान्निर्बन्धेन युधिष्ठिरः Bhāg, 7.5.42.
A great effort, perseverance; वयमभ्युद्धृताः कृच्छ्रान्निर्बन्धादार्ययानया [Māl.1.19.]
A contest, dispute.

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