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A Sanskrit English Dictionary | Sanskrit  English
दशार्ण  mfn. mfn. having 10 syllables, [VS. iii, 41] Sch.
दशार्ण  m. m. pl. (g.विमुक्ता-दि) ‘Ten Lakes’, N. of a people (south-east of मध्य-देश, [VarBṛS.] ), [MBh.] ; [Hariv.] ; [R.] ; [Megh.]
दशार्ण  m. m.sg. a दशार्ण king, [MBh. v, 7519]
दशार्ण  n. n. the दशार्ण country, [Pāṇ. 6-1, 89] , Vārtt. 8, [Pat.] (दशऋण)


Shabda-Sagara | Sanskrit  English
दशार्ण  m.  (-र्णः) A country, part of central Hindustan, lying on the south-east of the Vindhya mountains.
 f.  (णा) A river rising in the Vindhya hills, the Dosarna of the ancients.
E. दश ten, ऋण a fort.
दश ऋण

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