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चूर्णक  m. m. a kind of षष्टिक grain, [Suśr. i, 46, 1, 5]
chalk-like paleness, [Car. v, 1 and 12]
grain fried and pounded, [L.]
चूर्णक  n. n. fragrant powder, [Suśr. vi, 35, 5]
a kind of easy prose (expounding the purport of a foregoing verse, [W.]), [Chandom.]

चूर्णकः [cūrṇakḥ]   [चूर्ण स्वार्थे क]
Grain fried and pounded.
A species of silk-cotton tree (शाल्मलीविशेष); अङ्कोलाश्च कुरण्टाश्च चूर्णकाः पारिभद्रकाः [Rām.4.1.8.]
कम् A fragrant powder.
A style of prose-composition which is easy, does not contain hard letters, and has very few compounds; अकठोराक्षरं स्वल्पसमासं चूर्णकं विदुः [Chand. M.6.]
Explaining in prose the purport of a foregoing verse.

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चूर्णक  m.  (-कः) Grain fried and pounded.
 n.  (-कं) Expounding in prose the purport of a foregoing verse, an order or interpretation in [Page273-b+ 60] prose not abounding in compound words.
E. कन् added to the preceding.
See also: कन्

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