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गिरि—ज  m. m. ‘mountain-born’, the Mahwa tree (Bassia), [L.]
See also: गिरि -
Bauhinia variegata, [L.]
N. of a बाभ्रव्य, [AitBr. vii, 1, 7]
गिरि—ज  n. n. talc, [L.]
See also: गिरि -
red chalk, ruddle, [L.]
iron, [L.]
benzoin or gum benjamin, [W.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
गिरिज  mfn.  (-जः-जा-जं) Mountain-born, mountaineer. &c.
 m.  (-जः) The Mahuwa tree, (Bassia.)
 f.  (-जा)
1. A name of goddes PARVATI, as the daughter of the personified HIMALAYA mountain
2. The Shad- dock or pumplemouce, (Citrus decumana.)
3. A plant considered as a white species of Rasna: see राम्ना.
4. The hill plantain.
5. Jas- mine.
6. A pebble, a small stone.
 n.  (-जं)
1. Talc.
2. Benzoin or gum benjamin; it is also confounded with styrax, another gum resin.
3. Bitumen.
4. Iron.
E. गिरि, and born.
See also: गिरि -

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