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क्लान्त  mfn. mfn. tired, fatigued, exhausted, languishing, wearied, [MBh.]; [R.]; [Śak.]; [Megh.] &c.
depressed in spirits,[VarYogay.]
dried, up, withering, [Śak.]; [Ragh. x, 49]
thin, emaciated, [Śak.] (compar.)

क्लान्त [klānta] p.p. p.  p. p. [क्लम्-क्त]
Fatigued, tired out; तमातप- क्लान्तम् [R.2.13,] [Me.37;] [V.2.23.]
Withered, faded: क्लान्तो मम्यथलेख एष नलिनीपत्रे नखैरर्पितः [Ś.3.25;] [R.1.48.]
Lean, thin, emaciated.
Depressed in spirits, exhausted. -Comp.
-मनस् a.  a. languid, low spirited.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
क्लान्त  mfn.  (-न्तः-न्ता-न्तं)
1. Wearied.
2. Depressed in spirits or exhausted.
E. क्लम् to be weary, क्त aff.

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