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कोपिन् - kōpin

कोपिन् [kōpin] a.  a. [अवश्यं कुप्यति कुप्-णिनि]
Angry, irritated; सत्यमेवासि यदि मयि कोपिनी [Gīt.1.]
Causing anger.
Irritating, causing disorder of the humours of the body. -m. A water-pigeon.
कोपिन्  mfn. mfn. angry, passionate (with loc.), [R. iii, 16, 29]; [Gīt. x, 3]
(ifc.) irritating, stirring up, [Suśr.]
कोपिन्  m. m. the water-pigeon (जल-पारावत), [L.]

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