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कुसुम्भः [kusumbhḥ] म्भम् [mbham]   म्भम् [Uṇ.4.16]
Safflower; कुसुम्भारुणं चारु चेलं वसाना Jag.; कुसुम्भरागारुणितैः सुदुकुलैः [Ṛs.6.4.]
The waterpot of an ascetic; [Ms.6.52.]-म्भम् Gold.
-म्भः   Mere outward affection (compared with the colour of safflower); hence कुसुम्भरागः also means affected love.
कुसुम्भ  n. m. [अम्n., [L.]] safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), [Suśr.]; [VarBṛS.]; [Śiś.] &c.
saffron (Crocus sativus), [L.]
-वत्   ‘the water-pot of the student and संन्यासिन्’ See
See also: - वत्

कुसुम्भ  m. m. outward affection (compared with the colour of safflower), [Sāh.]
N. of a mountain, [BhP. v, 16, 27]
कुसुम्भ  n. n. gold, [L.]

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