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कुलाय  m. n. (in later language also अस्m., [Pañcat.] &c.) a woven texture, web, nest (of a bird), case or investing integument, receptacle, home, [AV.]; [TS.]; [ŚBr.] &c.
the body as the dwelling-place of the soul, [AV.]; [ŚBr. xiv]; [BhP.]
the kennel or resting-place of a dog, [Pāṇ. 1-3, 21], Vārtt. 4
a place, spot in general, [L.]
अग्नेः   (with , [Vait.]; or with इन्द्रा-ग्न्योः, [TāṇḍyaBr.]; [ĀśvŚr. &c.]) N. of a particular एकाह (cf.ऐन्द्रा-ग्न-क्°.)

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
कुलाय  m.  (-यः)
1. A nest.
2. A place, a spot in general.
 n.  (-यं) The body.
E. कुल family, and अय् to go, अच् aff.

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