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कुरर - kurarḥ

See also:  कुररी

 स्त्री. टिटवी .( सं .)
कुररः [kurarḥ] लः [lḥ]   (लः) 1 An osprey; [Y.1.174.]
The plant Capparis Aphylla (Mar. पेंढ, वाघंटी, करील); [Rām. 3.6.21.]
कुरर  m. m. (fr.3.कु, [Uṇ. iii, 133]) an osprey, [Yājñ. i, 174]; [MBh.] &c.
also another species of eagle, [W.]
the plant Capparis aphylla, [Gal.]
N. of a mountain, [BhP. v, 16, 27]

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