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कर्षू - karṣūḥ

कर्षूः [karṣūḥ]  f. f.
A furrow, trench.
A river.
A pit; कर्षूं खात्वा ... बिभरासि । Śat. Bṛ. (मत्स्यो- पाख्यान); कर्षूर्वार्ताकरीषाग्निलेखनेषु च खातने कुल्यायां तु कर्षूः ... Nm.-m.
A fire of dried cow-dung.
Agriculture, cultivation.
कर्षू  f. f. ([Uṇ. i, 82]) a furrow, trench, incision, [ŚBr.]; KātyŚr. &c.
a river, canal Comm. on [Uṇ.]
कर्षू  m. m. (ऊस्) a fire of dried cow-dung, ib.
agriculture, [L.]
livelihood, [L.]

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