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कणाद  m. am. ‘atom-eater’, N. given to the author of the वैशेषिक branch of the न्याय philosophy (as teaching that the world was formed by an aggregation of atoms; he is also called काश्यप, and considered as a देवर्षि; See also उलूक), [Prab.]; [Sarvad.] &c.
कलाद   a goldsmith (= ), [L.]
कणाद   b See under क॑ण

कणादः [kaṇādḥ]   1 N. of a philosopher; see under कण.
A goldsmith.

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कणाद  m.  (-दः)
1. The name of a Muni, also called Kasyapa: the author of the Vaisheshika philosophy.
2. A goldsmith.
E. कण a little, and अद् to eat, referring to the abstemiousness of the saint; or आदा to take, alluding the proverbial dishonesty of the artificer.
See also: कण - अद् - आदा

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