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उप-कृत  mfn. mfn. helped, assisted, benefited
See also: उप - कृत
rendered as assistance, done kindly or beneficently &c.
कृतादि   ifc.g., [Pāṇ. 2-1, 59]
उप-कृत  n. n. help, favour, benefit, [Śak. 165 a]; [Sāh.]
See also: उप - कृत

उपकृत [upakṛta] p.p. p.  p. p. Assisted, benefited, served &c.
-तम्   Aid, favour, obligation; गता नाशं तारा उपकृतमसाधाविव जने [Mk.5.25.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
उपकृत  mfn.  (-तः-ता-तं)
1. Benefited, assisted.
2. Done kindly or benefi- cently, rendered as assistance.
 n.  (-तं) A favour, a benefit.
E. उप before कृ to do, क्त aff.
See also: उप - कृ - क्त

वि.  आभारी , ऋणी .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
upakṛta a S Favored, benefited, helped, aided.

वि.  मदत , उपकार केलेलें ; ज्यावर कृपा , दया केली आहे असा ; ॠणी ; आभारी . [ सं . ]

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