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आ-हर   a &c. See आ-√ हृ.
See also: - हर
आ-हर  mfn. 1.mfn.ifc. bringing, fetching, [Ragh.]
See also: - हर
आ-हर  m. m. taking, seizing
See also: - हर
accomplishing, offering (a sacrifice), [MBh.]; [Kād.]
drawing in breath, inhaling
inhaled air
breath inspired, inspiration, [L.]
आ-हर   2. (2. sg.Impv. forming irregular तत्पुरुष compounds with the following words) :
See also: - हर

आहर [āhara] a.  a. (at the end of comp.) Bringing, fetching taking, seizing समित्कुशफलाहरैः [R.1.49.]
रः Taking, seizing.
Accomplishing, performing.
Offering a sacrifice.
Drawing in breath, inhaling.
The air so inhaled.
Inspiration, breath inspired.-Comp.
-करटा, चेला, निवपा, निष्किरा, वसना, वितना, सेना,   compounds of the class called; मयूरव्यंसकादि.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
आहर  m.  (-रः)
1. Breath inspired, inspiration.
2. Taking, seizing.
E. आङ् before हृ to take, अप् aff.
See also: आङ् - हृ - अप्

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