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अहीन   1a See ss.vv.
अहीन  m. 1bm. (fr.अ॑हन्, [Pāṇ. 6-4, 145]) ‘lasting several days’, a sacrifice lasting several days, [AitBr.]; [ĀśvŚr.] &c.
अहीन  n. n.id.Comm. on [Mn. xi, 197]
अहीन  mfn. mfn. only ifc. with numerals (cf.[Pāṇ. 5-1, 87 and 6-4, 145]) e.g.त्र्य्-अहीन, द्व्यहीन, q.v.
अ-हीन  mfn. 2.mfn. unimpaired, whole, entire, full, [ŚBr.]; [AitBr.] &c.
See also: - हीन
‘not deprived of’, not withdrawing from (instr.), [Mn. ii, 183]
not defective or inferior, excellent, [VarBṛS.]; [Ragh. xviii, 13]
अ-हीन  m. m.N. of a prince, [VP.]
See also: - हीन

अहीन [ahīna]   a.
Unimpaired, whole, entire, all; भृतभूति रहीनभोगभाक् [Śi.16.71.]
Not inferior, great; अहि नबाहुद्रविणः शशास [R.18.14;9.5.]
Not deprived of possessed of; वेदयज्ञैरहीनानाम् [Ms.2.183.]
Not outcast or vile.
(अहोभिः साध्यते, अहन्-ख रात्र्यहः संवत्सरा [P.V.1.37]) Lasting for several days; द्वयहीन, त्र्यहीन &c.
नः A sacrifice lasting for several days, (-नम् also) [Ms.11.198.]
A large snake.
The lord of serpents, Vāsuki (अहि-इनः). -Comp.
-गुः  N. N. of a king of the solar race; अहीनगुर्नाम हि गां समग्राम् [R.18.14.]-वादिन् m. a witness unfit or incapable of giving evidence.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
अहीन  mfn.  (-नः-ना-नं)
1. Possessed of, not deprived of.
2. Not out-caste or vile.
E. neg. हीन deprived of.
See also: - हीन
 m.  (-नः)
1. A large snake, a serpent.
2. A particular sacrifice, one lasting twelve days.
E. अहि a snake, and इन superior, or अहन् a day, and aff.

अहीन n.  (सो. क्षत्र.) सहदेव का पुत्र । अदीन पाठभेद है ।
अहीन II. n.  (सो. कुरु. भविष्य.) विष्णु के मतानुसार उदयन पुत्र।

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