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अ-विषह्य  mfn. mfn. not bearable, not wearable, [MBh.]; [BhP.]
intolerable, insupportable, [BhP.]; [R.]; [Ragh.]; [Kum. iv, 30]
irresistible, [MBh.] &c.
-तम   unfeasible, impracticable, [MBh.]; [R. ii, 20, 33] (, superl.)
See also: तम
चक्षुषाम्   inaccessible (to the eyes, ), [MBh. xiv, 611]
indeterminable (as a boundary), [Mn. viii, 265.]

अविषह्य [aviṣahya]   a.
Difficult to decide. सीमायामविषह्यायाम् [Ms. 8.265.]
Impracticable, unfeasible; (Bk.).
Intolerable, insupportable; अविषह्यव्यसनेन धूमिताम् [Ki.4.3.]
Inaccessible; चक्षुषामविषह्यम् [Mb. 14.2.13.]

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